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Our Expertise in Electrical Sector

Electrical Services-LT Side

  • L.T Panels -

Distribution Panels

-MCC & PCC Panels

-HVAC Panels

-Fire Fighting Panels

-Lighting Panels

  • Bus bar Trunking Systems​

  • Bus Duct.

  • Rising mains.

  • L.T XLPE/PVC Cabling(Arm./Unarm/Flexible)

  • Cable Management Systems(thru.cable trays,raceways etc..)

  • Maintenance Free Chemical Earthing(GI/Copper)

  • Office Laisioning work

Electrical Services-HT Side

  • High Tension Line Work upto 11KV.

  • Overhead/Underground Independent feeder line

  • Power Transformer/VCB/HT Panel/Metering Panels.

  • HT Cable Joints with Heat shrinkable Cable Jointings.

  • H-Pole with PCC Poles or Steel Tubular Poles.

  • G.O Switch & D.O Fuses/C.T & P.T.

  • HT XLPE Cab le/ACSR/Aerial Bundled Cable(ABC).

  • Chemical/Plate/Pipe Earthing.

  • GI/Copper Strip & Wire.

  • Laisioning Work as per KSEB and KSEI rules & regulations.

  • Internal wiring & External wiring.

  • Internal & External Lighting.

  • High Mast Lighting.

  • Network and Telephone Wiring.

  • Power Sockets and its wiring.

  • Power Distribution Boards(P.D.B),Lighting Distribution Boards.

  • Lightening Protection Systems.

  • GI/ Copper Earthing Strip.

  • And all ather MV work upto 11KV

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